Excellent customer experience
via high-performing applications

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Single pane of glass bringing the team together

Business Owner

Understand who and how is using the application. Understand which customers are unhappy. See why the customers are not satisfied.

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IT Operations

Be the enabler of transparency. Expose user experience to business owners and equip engineering with precise root causes.

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Fix the issues with biggest impact first. Skip the troubleshooting and reproducing steps. Fix the exposed root cause immediately.

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Make the end user experience transparent

Capture every user interaction with the application. See which users are not satisfied. See what parts of the application are not behaving as expected.

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Different deployment modes offer different benefits

Production -

Understand the end user experience. See which parts of the application are not behaving as expected. Fix the issues 4x faster than before.

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Test -

Make the performance of the application transparent during load testing. Ship less problems to production.

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Development -

Development environments lack actual data, real usage patterns and concurrent users. Do not use plumbr in development environments.

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Expose the root cause for poor user experience

Slow SQL Query


Has caused 5,637 slow transactions

Plumbr is the only solution tracking performance issues down to the single line in source code causing the problem. Expose the issues impacting end users the most.

See all root causes

Guarding JVMs at large & small companies