Java Performance Monitoring
The only solution with automatic root cause detection

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Problems detected by Plumbr

Memory Leaks

Memory leaks kill Java systems
on a daily basis. 10% of Java
applications leak memory faster than 250MB/day.

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GC Inefficiencies

Garbage Collection process needs to stop the JVM to do its job. 20% of the applications stop regularly for 5 or more seconds for GC.

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Locked Threads

Locked threads cause non-reproducible latency issues. 16% of the applications regularly lock the threads for more than 5 seconds.

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Slow Queries

Expensive JDBC operations stall user transactions for tens of seconds. 1 in 500 SQL queries is built so poorly it takes 20+ seconds to respond.

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How Plumbr works

Plumbr is packaged as a -javaagent that monitors
your application and sends data to Plumbr Server.

Your application

Plumbr works with pretty much any
JVM and/or application server.
You do not need to change anything
in your application code.

Plumbr agent

Attaching Plumbr is as
easy as adding -javaagent:/path-to/plumbr.jar
to your application configuration.

Plumbr servers

Analyzing the data,
detecting bottlenecks and
reporting the problems.

“We've been using Plumbr for a month, and are truly impressed by how much faster we can solve memory leaks now. I only hear positive words about Plumbr from my colleagues.”

Vladislav Voloshin Privatbank

“I found Plumbr very easy to set up and get running, which frankly is a great feature. Too often I find new tools to try out that are a hassle to get up and running with.”

Michael Grove Clark & Parsia

Guarding JVMs at large & small companies