Never lose another customer due to poor performance

Get a real-time overview of how your software is being used. Expose the root causes and fix problems immediately.

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Plumbr measures the ways in which your users interact with your application, as well as the ways in which your software responds to them. You will never again lose a customer because of poor performance

Find your most valuable improvements

Plumbr will tell you the exact impact that each problem has on your end users. This way you will know who is affected and which fixes you need to prioritize.

Automated root cause detection

When you use Java, Plumbr will reveal the root cause of every user interaction that results in a poor user experience.

  • Forget about troubleshooting. Forget about ploughing through logs, thread dumps or memory dumps. Every slow or failed user transaction is instantly linked to its root cause.
  • Slow database operations, locked threads, slow web services, and much more are all detected. You will automatically see the root causes – even in complex environments based on micro services.
  • Not every error needs fixing. Understanding which fixes are the most valuable will help you focus on your priorities.

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