About us

We know Java in and out. Combined, the founders of Plumbr have more than 40 years of experience with enterprise applications written in Java. As project managers, architects, developers, system analysts etc. But mostly as “the guys who help projects that are stuck”.

Our leak detection solution grew out of a combination of two things: our own daily need and research interest. It lead us to inventing a method to automatically understand how an application should behave by distinguishing anomalies in its memory usage patterns. And we are on the track of revolutionizing the way you think about monitoring tools. Current tools give you endless amount of data and graphics which are truly hard to interpret. We do not think it needs to be that complex – we will tell you what you need to fix instead of the useless graphics!

Plumbr is proudly being developed in Estonia – the country where Skype, Kazaa and JRebel where created. We are currently a team of ten, and growing. If you like what we do and want to join us, get in contact via founders@plumbr.eu



Plumbr OÜ
Ülikooli 2 Tartu, Estonia
+372 525 4567

Email: support@plumbr.eu
Twitter: @JavaPlumbr
Web: http://plumbr.eu


Priit has built up several development from teams from the scratch. Before founding
Plumbr he was heading 60-person Business Unit in Nortal.

Priit holds an MSc and an MBA, and is able to hack our databases
to improve his metrics dashboards.


Ivo knows why and how organizations buy software. He also knows
how to create B2B software products.

Before dedicating to Plumbr, he was a core team member of
ZeroTurnaround and CTO of Nortal.

Master Programmer

Squeezing bugs and optimizing perfomance. That’s what Nikita loves to do.
And by now he has more than a decade of experience in it.

Bugs in a large e-health system, bugs in his own Clojure hacked-together-pet-project,
bugs in his fellow developers’ code and mindset – all of these need solving!


Vladimir is the crazy scientist who invented the core principles of
Plumbr while working on his PhD thesis.

Before turning crazy scientist however, he was the architect and lead
developer of different telco and banking systems.