Plumbr 1.4 released – more support for different platforms

November 22, 2012 by Priit Potter

We are now announcing the public availability of Plumbr 1.4. In this version we focused on compatibility and stability issues.

The biggest news in the release is Solaris support – Plumbr now works both on x86 and SPARC architectures. We have conducted a month of beta testing and can now proudly present the results.

All of you who contacted us via different support channels asking for the Solaris support were already notified, but if you are one of the silent guys then – go ahead and download the newest release.

Another important improvement is JDK 7 support in Mac OS X – if you were among the early JDK 7 adopters on Mac OS X and had issues when loading native libraries, we now have fixed the problem.

Other improvements include

  • Rare deadlock condition on startup is fixed – your applications should no longer have a chance of freezing on startup.
  • Computation intensive memory leak analysis now runs in a separate process, which results in much lower overhead for your application.
  • Plumbr GUI can be disabled – fixes the problems where Plumbr GUI interferes with Swing applications
  • Improved the leak reports – now you get more information about Finalizers and we handle long lines in reports better by wrapping them for allocation points.

If you are facing a memory leak and cannot resolve it – go ahead, register and download Plumbr. If you are running an older version of Plumbr, we strongly recommend downloading an upgrade.

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