GC Inefficiencies

Don’t spoil the user experience. Optimize the Garbage Collection.

Garbage Collection is a process identifying and discarding unused objects to reclaim memory. In order to do so, GC needs to stop JVM every once in a while. Duration of those stops is unpredictable and can exceed tens of seconds, during which end users perceive the application as unresponsive.

Increase GC efficiency

  • Detect when the Garbage Collection is pausing the application threads for too long.
  • Receive tailor-made recommendations to tune your GC configuration based on your application behaviour.
  • Increase the throughput or reduce latency of the application after applying the configuration changes.

Live Monitoring

Whenever the application threads are paused by the GC for extended period of time, you will be alerted. Fine-tune the sensitivity by configuring the threshold yourself.

Plumbr Research Lab

  • One application in seven regularly pauses for GC for more than 10 seconds.
  • During a typical GC pause in production, tens of user transactions are halted.
  • One application in five spends more than 20% of its CPU cycles in Garbage Collection.