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Plumbr monitors applications deployed on the Java Virtual Machine

  • /pay/#2533
  • /register/#12938433
  • /login/#796
  • /send/invoice/#8873
  • /order/place/#129
  • pay()
  • register()
  • login()
  • sendInvoice()
  • placeOrder()
  • Slow SQL Query

    SELECT * FROM INVOICE WHERE… Has caused 5,637 slow transactions
  • Locked Thread

    org.log.Logger.flush():891 Has caused 127 slow transactions

Incoming Transactions

Application, monitored by Plumbr

Discovered Root Causes

Plumbr captures incoming user interactions at the JVM boundary. The captured operations are called transactions. Transactions will be grouped by the functionality a transaction consumes. Whenever a user interaction results in poor user experience, a root cause will be exposed by Plumbr.

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