Memory Leaks

Don’t kill your application. Optimize your performance.

Memory leak in Java is a data structure which cannot be garbage collected. If left unattended, a memory leak keeps growing and eventually kills your application.

Find and fix leaks in minutes

  • Understand the severity of the leak.
  • Zoom in to the the leak in source code - see what is leaking, where it was created and what is blocking it from being garbage collected.
  • Get solution guidelines.

Live Monitoring

When Plumbr detects a memory leak, it is exposed as a threat to application’s availability.

Plumbr Research Lab

Statistics from thousands of Java applications:

  • 25% of the Java applications contain either a permgen/metaspace or a heap leak.
  • Plumbr detects leaks early - when detected, an average leak is still under 10MB in size.
  • 20% of the leaks are fast, growing faster than 250MB per day.