Plumbr launches the first monitoring product that automatically links web application slowness to the cause in source code

7 October 2015

Most of the times when an e-commerce site, self serve or web site is slow, the reason is a single mistake in the source code.

Yet, because IT systems are complex and vast in size, it often takes engineers days to find the needle in the haystack. They have tools that confirm that end users suffer, but these tools don’t tell them what is causing the issue in code.

Troubleshooting relies on inefficient manual work. Success of which mostly depends on experience, skills, and … luck.

Today, Plumbr launches a Java Performance Monitoring product that automatically links slow end-user experience directly to the broken lines in application source code. This allows engineers fix problems faster, which in turn increases availability and quality of the service.

Here is how Plumbr helps IT engineers keep the applications you use up and running:

Are my end users happy with the application?

Which parts of application perform the worst?

Which technical problems impact my users the most?

When the applications become slow for end users, Plumbr automatically identifies the root cause in source code:

How fast is my service?

Detected technical problem and its impact.

Where is the problem in source code?

The new product is stable and publicly available as of Oct 7, 2015. It has been used to monitor Plumbr’s own services for more than a month and rolled out to private beta customers a couple weeks ago.


  • Application Performance Monitoring is a $3bn market, growing 15+% yearly and is being disrupted by new SaaS vendors (source: Gartner)
    • Growing more than other B2B IT related markets because the dependence of businesses on IT is growing and IT systems need better monitoring and management
  • None of the popular/incumbent application performance monitoring tools can link technical performance issues with end-user impact
    • Because it’s a very hard problem which has so far been considered impossible to solve
  • IT engineers spend on average 2 weeks on troubleshooting per performance problem
    • Most of that time is spent on reproducing the issue, gathering evidence and analyzing it.
    • In the process, they use tens of different tools (on average 4 per performance problem).
    • Business impact of malfunctioning IT services depends on the size of business. An average Fortune 1000 company loses between $1.25 to $2.5 billion per year due to unplanned application downtime, not accounting the cost stemming from poor customer experience. (Source: IDC, here is a free copy from IBM developerWorks)
    • To reduce impact, businesses seek to improve their QA processes and ways to detect and resolve issues faster. Plumbr has been seen reduce SLA incidents by 50% and reduce Mean Time To Resolve for performance problems by 75% (see: Adeptia customer story).

Plumbr software is based on break-through invention and many clever algorithms (patent pending) that we have brewed when analyzing how tens of thousands of Java applications use server resources.


  • Plumbr offers a B2B performance monitoring product for IT operations teams
    • Long term vision: applications / servers automatically fix broken code on the fly
    • Current focus: detect performance problems in Java applications and gather all the necessary info that developers need to fix them
  • Founded in end of 2011
    • Incorporated in European Union
    • Staff in Boston, United States, and Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia
  • Founded by 4 experienced enterprise IT specialists who previously worked on Scandinavian and Baltic Telecom operators (TeliaSonera, EMT, Elion), banks (Danske bank), and government projects (Ministry of Finance of Estonia, Census of Population and Housing of Estonia 2011, country tourist portal).
  • Plumbr grew out of a research project – we wanted to know if it would be possible to programmatically detect root causes of memory leaks in source code. Memory leaks are really difficult to find manually, often resulting engineers spending several weeks troubleshooting one specific problem
  • After finding the solution for memory leaks (which eventually yielded the PhD degree for one of Plumbr co-founders) we started expanding the solution to include other types of technical performance problems.
  • We launched the first version of Plumbr in 2012 and have paying customers in 30+ countries, including NASA, DELL, AOL, VMware, Akamai, Twilio, and others.
  • In November 2011 announced $1M seed funding from angel investors Matt Arnold, Sten Tamkivi, . In early 2013 added Skype technical co-founder Jaan Tallinn to the list of investors, bringing total raised funding to $1.7M. See our Angellist profile and Crunchbase profile for more details.
  • Plumbr is currently concentrating on monitoring Java-based solutions, because Java is the most popular programming language in the world (see TIOBE programming language popularity index) and most widely used for business critical IT systems.


  • Priit Potter – Co-founder and CEO. Previously grew a business unit from 0 to 60 people at Nortal, where he started as system analyst. Led the development team of several large-scale IT projects (e.g. Population of Housing and Census 2011, national tourist portal, TeliaSonera CRM and self service). Priit holds an an MS degree in Computer Science and added an MBA in 2011.
  • Ivo Mägi – Co-founder and VP of Product. Previously the CTO of a software company Nortal. Played a key role in growing the company from 15 to 600 people. Ivo was the first board member of ZeroTurnaround that span out of Nortal in 2008. Before diving into Plumbr he used to teach numerous software development related courses at the University of Tartu.
  • Vladimir Šor – Co-founder and CTO. Before Plumbr Vladimir worked as a system architect and key developer of different banking and telecom systems and ran the R&D unit of Nortal. His early research on memory leaks not only gave a start to Plumbr, but also resulted in him receiving the PhD degree in Computer Science.
  • Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski – Co-founder and VP of Engineering. Before co-founding Plumbr Nikita has overseen several development teams and actively contributed to many enterprise IT systems. Holds an MS degree in Mathematics.
  • In total there are 20 people in the team, spread between our two Estonia and one Boston office.

Please contact Plumbr CEO Priit Potter with any additional questions and interview requests:

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