Plumbr Java Agent

Plumbr Java Agent
is a fully automated root cause detection tool for Java applications


  • Monitors every user interaction as it travels throughout your backend JVMs
  • Shows the root cause influencing your users in the source code
  • Links every slow and failed operation to the root cause
  • Works with applications deployed on JVMs (Java, Scala, Groovy, etc.)
  • Can be integrated without any changes in the application code
  • Invisible to the end users
  • Offers real-time insights into performance and availability issues
  • Adds minimal performance overhead
  • Can be installed in mere minutes and does not require any configuration

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    Install the Plumbr Java Agent

    Installing the Plumbr Java Agent is as easy as adding the -javaagent:PATH-TO/plumbr.jar to your configuration and restarting the JVM.




  3. 3 To get a full view of your customer experience, make use of the Plumbr Browser Agent as well.

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