Health Thresholds

Low health for a service or JVM is a symptom requiring attention. Plumbr allows you to define the threshold below which the attention is required. If the health of a JVM or a service falls through such thresholds, alerts are generated to notify you via external alert channels. The same concept is used to communicate health violations in the Plumbr UI via color-coding services and JVMs.

Health thresholds are built using the following simple expression:

A service or a JVM is unhealthy if its health falls below [certain percentage].

Such health thresholds can be configured either at JVM or service level. By default, Plumbr ships with the following health thresholds:

  • A JVM is unhealthy when the health of the JVM drops below 95%
  • A service is unhealthy when the health of the service drops below 95%.

These policies are used to color-code JVMs and services. Any JVM or service can be color-coded using two different colors:

  • Green – the JVM/service is not violating any health policies in the time range selected.
  • Red – the JVM/service is violating a health policy in the time range selected.

When the JVM is not exposing any transactions for Plumbr to monitor or when a service has been consumed by under 5 transactions during the selected period, health cannot be calculated. In such cases, health is expressed as “N/A” and color-coded with grey.