Merging applications

You might want to merge different applications detected by Plumbr into single application. There are two different ways of doing it

You can merge applications via user interface by renaming one or more applications in a way where after the rename the application names would be equal. For example you might have applications and detected by Plumbr. You might wish to rename these applications to “Billing Live”. You can achieve this by renaming both of the applications in UI to “Billing Live”. After this change, the previous interactions with these applications are also now referring to “Billing Live”.

In situations where you have many applications to merge, the previous approach might not be suitable due to sheer amount of rename operations involved. This can happen in situations where you are exposing your application via different virtual host for different clients, so that instead getting access to, each client has its unique virtual host (,, etc).

In such situations you can merge applications via configuration in file located next to Plumbr Java Agent. In such file you can modify (or add, if not present) a parameter appId referring to the identity of the application you wish to use, similar to the following example

appId=Billing Live

Notice that this change will not be applied to existing interactions – all the interactions formerly bound to different applications will still be referring to previous applications. Only the new interactions will be linked with the new application you specified.