What are Services?

A service is an attribute of a transaction exposing the operation the user was doing. Services also group together similar transactions performing the same operation (such as paying an invoice or adding an item to a shopping cart).

Services use the concept of Health to express how well a particular service is performing. Plumbr uses Health to rank individual services according to the ratio of successful transactions to total transactions using the following formula:

monitoring service health

A service can also set a threshold for the transactions consuming this service. Transactions exceeding this treshold would be flagged as slow. Out-of-the-box, Plumbr sets a default 5,000 ms threshold for all transactions. This default threshold is configurable via the menu Settings – Thresholds. You can also set a threshold for a particular service overriding the default limit for transactions consuming this service.

Service detection works differently depending on what type of application Plumbr is monitoring.