What is Plumbr?

Plumbr is built to track end users within web applications. Tracking exposes the user experience from the perspective of performance and availability. In order to achieve this, Plumbr monitors every user interaction. Plumbr calls such interactions transactions. Each transaction exposes:

  • the application the user interacted with
  • what the user did in the application
  • the duration and outcome of the interaction
  • the distinguished user
  • if the backend of the application is deployed on the Java Virtual Machine:
    • root causes in the source code of interactions that result in poor user experience
    • the identity of the user performing the interaction

With the help of Plumbr, you can easily answer these questions:

  • How many unique users used my site yesterday? Who were they?
  • Which services in my application performed the worst?
  • How many users got a poor experience yesterday?
  • Which root causes impacted end users the most? How many users were impacted?