Precise location of a leak

Plumbr is an agent, which you can attach to any Java process.  Attached Plumbr gathers statistics about object creation and destruction within your JVM. Next, it thoroughly analyses these stats. Plumbr uses machine learning to discover patterns in your objects’ lifecycles that allow it distinguish potentially leaking objects from the normal ones.

When Plumbr is confident that it has found a memory leak, it hands you the report with all the details you need to fix the leak.

  • The line in the source code where the leaked objects were created
  • Who is currently referencing the leaked objects, preventing the garbage collection
  • And [as an experimental feature] guidelines about how to fix the leak.

Below is a sample screenshot from a report you would get from Plumbr. I guess you might agree – having this information makes fixing leaks a breeze

Memory leak location

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Memory Leaks discovered
Saved for our customers
70 minutes
Average time for us to find the leak
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